Thursday 31 May 2012

A Tip, On Tips.

So it seems a lot of stuff I post on Fetlife means a lot to me and/or I deem important enough to re-post here.
My good friend Boy Rene asked a question regarding tips from boot blacking. The following is my reply, my tribute to a thankful token.

"I believe that once the tip leaves their hands and into yours, it is then yours. What you do with it does not matter.

I tell people that their tip goes to one of a few things: Travel fund for events (even if it just gas money to and from Edmonton to boot black at an event and having a blast), food for my beloved animals, and restocking my boot black kit.

When someone tips you, it is to show their appreciation for you and your effort and skill, a token. I am more than happy and very thankful when someone tips me, but that is not why I do it. I am thrilled when someone tips me because it shows that they acknowledge me and the effort of what I have done. It has nothing to do with the monetary value of the paper they hand me. It has everything to do with their smile and gratitude. The is their requital, only a vessel for their acclamation and appreciation."

After some thought I would like to add a few points. Even thought I am more than happy to do a service and provide care for your boots and leather, I am using my materials to do so. Those materials cost money, money I earned and use to buy my materials. It is very nice when someone helps me restock my kit by tipping me after I helped them with their leather. Don't get me wrong, I won't demand a token tip, but it is very nice to receive one. Yes, it is a service. However, once again, it is nice to have your skill, effort and service admired and appreciated.


  1. If i was there getting my boots worked over by you, i would tip very well. You seem to work your tools you use well, and the pride you take in making a pair of boots shine is commendable. I look forward to the day that you can work on my boots, and i can watch you as you make love to them, getting them so shiny they look like new.
    Keep up the good work Berith, and soon you will be in demand all over the world, known as the worlds best BootBlack. *licks*

    1. You dear pup, flatter me! Thank you so much for your kind words; I am glad to be able to call you a friend.