Monday 21 May 2012

Puppy-Play: Leather Darwinism

Adding onto my last post here. It reminded me, I guess in somewhat of an odd way, of another post on Fetlife I made ages ago. I again feel it is important enough to cross post.
"One thing you always hear about in our community it togetherness, cooperation, empathy and growth. Do we see it though? I have noticed, through my nasty habit of over analyzing, that what happened in our community is exactly what civilization does. It fears growth...

People think Puppy-Play is new guard. I am sure we first disagree with this because of the new-guard label. I have met many people who look down on it. I have met some leather folk who look down on it. Puppies usually tend to stick together, while being pack animals, there obviously isn't anything wrong with that, but you don't see them out in the community aside from pup stuff. Puppy relationships are usually a puppy and an alpha pup, or a handler and a puppy. There usually isn't a mix. I have also noticed that people look at it like a fetish, a side dish. They take no notice to the role or how the person identifies. To me, this is fear. This is fear of exactly what they want.

I believe it is a natural evolution in the leather family. Puppy-play is not a side dish. It is a role. Just like that of a slave, a boy or a Sir. A puppy identifies as a puppy, it is who he/she is. I do not think this should just be dismissed as some have done, and I am sure will continue to do for a while, but instead rejoiced. Once again, we have visible growth in our community. This isn't new guard or old guard. It is evolution. Our community has evolved and expanded. Grown. Out of natural causes, a new family member has been born. We should all be proud that what we aim for and talk about so much, can and is actually happening!

I believe we should all embrace this and accept puppy-dom into our leather families. There should be no reason why we cannot see a daddy instruction his boy and puppy. A boy playing his puppy. We can intermingle, it is what family is about. I know of one family that has puppies, boys, Sir and Daddies and slaves. Granted it is a big family, but it is beautiful to see to work. Utterly beautiful.
Hopefully this grants insight on the role of a puppy and the leather family. I hope to see pup-play become more of a part of our families."

With wags, Berith
Man's Best Fiend

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  1. I agree too many in the leather community don't see us puppies as well dogs. They think being a puppy is either a fetish or role playing and don't realize we are dogs inside.