Tuesday 24 July 2012

Interview With PupPup Part.2

Apparently my first interview was good enough that people were requesting more. So I had a follow up interview. Here it is!

Is puppy play sexual to you?

Puppy Play can be sexual. It started out that way but quickly became, I dare say it again, a life style. It is more of a way of life now, who I am, down to the core. This isn't to say it isn't sexual anymore. It is, or can be. It is just that sex isn't the driving force behind it anymore, though it certainly helps.

Have you mentored other pups?

I have, and am mentoring other pups. Any where from helping them out with questions, concerns and even “how to's”, to taking one or two under my own wing, err... paw. I am a sub myself, so it has been difficult sometimes, but when I help them grow and learn, I even grow and learn myself. It is a never ending circle of learning. As someone dear once told me, “the day you stop learning, is the day you die”.

What are you favorite toys to play with as a pup?

I assume by toys you mean doggy toys and such. I had this little red ball thing. I think I lost it at Smokey's house when he lived in Toronto. I miss it so much. Current favorites would have to be a stuffed stingray I got in San Francisco on my first trip to the International Leather Sir/boy contest and Dore Alley. There is a stuffed mallard duck with squeakies in him a dubbed Senor Quacks-a-lot. Smokey was kind enough to get him for me on a visit to him. That's all I can remember at this time but I am sure there is more. I like to chew.

What pup gear you own?

Oh boy... I own a custom Rubberdawg hood, leather fist mitts, a leather hood that was gifted to me (I believe it may be a Mr.S hood), the puppy restraints from Mr.S, a couple different pup hankies, a Squarepeg tail plug (with another on the way), too many collars and leashes to count, Mr.S tail harness and wrestling shoes. I add that in here because they have soft soles and hard soled shoes in a puppy mosh can hurt a lot. I have a bunch of other stuff that is on its way, but do not currently has in possession, so I will not count those.

How does it feel being owned?

It is a comforting feeling. Relaxed in a way. It is nice to have someone help you out with decision and things. Definitely awesome to have a place and someone I can comfortably pup out with.

How does it feel being a stray?

I fortunately don't really know what this is like. I lucked out with my owner. He is my high school sweetheart. We both knew we were kinky, he introduced me to a lot. I came to him with puppy play and gladly accepted it. There was one time were we almost went out separate ways, and that wasn't a fun time, but we worked through it. That is the closest I have got to being unowned.

How did you get your pup name?

I actually picked out my own name. My owner liked it and adopted it. I initially was looking for a stage name for a band project that fell through. I liked the name so much though, and put a lot of thought into it, so I wanted to keep it. I was raised with a religious background, and I won't go too much into that, but I wanted to name that was contrast to my real name which had a deeply religious meaning. I am fascinated by demonology, and while going through Solomon's 72 Demons one day I came across Berith. Ba'al Berith was seen as one who sat among the princes of hell. His names means either “covenant” or “to cut until blood appears”. It is kinda dark, but, I am a dark puppy. Happy, but dark. *wag*

 Of course a few things have changed since that interview, but I answered for the time. My gear collection, for example, has grown quite a bit. Actually, it still is. I also don't really see it stopping anytime soon.

Interveiw With PupPup Part:1

A while back, I was interviewed by a pup. I came across the interview on his blog. Here it is:


Hello folks! My name is Berith and I am a human puppy. Puppy play is a huge part of my life and I love to share it and spread the joy and knowledge of it. The world of the homo-canidae (Unofficial Latin term meaning “man-dog”) is a really wonderful thing. I am hoping that my interview here, no matter how short it is, will help others out. Gruff!

-With Wags, Berith
Man's Best Fiend

What does puppy play mean to you?

To me, puppy play can mean a few different things, and not all at once. Over all, puppy play has grown to be more than just a fetish. It is comfort, an escape and dare I say it, a life style. Sure it adds some spice in the bedroom, but that is not what it is all about. A few feelings and aspects come about from being a puppy. Assurance, freedom, relaxation, stress relief, protection, self fulfilment and as I said before, comfort. It is a state of body and mind.

How did you get into puppy play?

Kind of a funny story... I was looking for porn on the internet. You know, like everyone does now and then. Nothing I was seeing was doing it for me. I swear I spent a good couple of hours just browsing and looking for something. I do believe puppy play has boomed in popularity even since I got into it because when I first started looking, I couldn't find anything, even though I know know it was there, somewhere. However I digress, after searching I finally ended up coming across a video of a guy in a leather puppy hood and a tail. I remember thinking to myself “Yeah, yeah that's it. That is me”. Ever since, ask anyone I know, I have been all about puppy play. It has become and is a huge part of my life.

How long you have been in the puppy community?

Approximately 5 years as of 2011. I have been dabbling in kink for about 6 or 7 years at this time. I have never looked back or regretted anything. Becoming part of the leather/ kink and pup communities has helped me in so many ways, and I do my best to give that in return.

Have you attended any fetish event? If not which would you want to attend?

Yes I have. Quite a few. Ranging from kink camps to bar nights, to events purely geared towards gay men to pan-sexual events. I have even have had the opportunity to organize my own events. Yes, you can guess one event or two was a puppy event. I have also had the pleasure of giving a helping paw at a few events as well. I have even taken place in competitions. I am the co-founder of the local human canine unit, “Calgary Kinky Kennel Club”, and it is doing very well. We have monthly munches and such. Attending and taking part in events I think is very important. There you can learn, grow and gain a sense of self importance. On top of that, you gain knowledge, while hopefully having fun. Knowledge is safety and I believe a lot of people can and do get into unsafe situations because they do not know.

How do you get into the pup headspace?

A lot of people say that having a collar put on them works the best. Not for me. I always wear my chain mail collar. The collar may add a something to the mind space, but since I wear it all the time, it has more so become a part of me, than an accessory. A few things can get me into the head space. There are two specific ones. One is wearing my hood. I don't have as good peripheral vision while wearing the hood, and this causes me to concentrate on more what is in front of me. While doing so, I see the snout of my hood and it reminds me of how I look in the hood and triggers the head space. The other way I can enter the head space is very, very simple. A scritch, casual and intentional, behind the ears or a good petting does it. Not all the time, but most often. Sometimes it just clicks. I don't know how or why, but sometimes I am my human self and the the minutes I am pup. Just like that. I also have a habit of switching in mid sleep. People eventually realized I have switched in sleep when I start chasing rabbits in my dreams. When I fall asleep in puppy mode, I always wake up in it too.

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Blow Your Mind: Canine Head-Space

 The following is cross-posted. It was an article I wrote for the Fetlife Puppy Play group.

There are a few questions that come up when people, especially new comers, talk about Puppy Play. I am talking about the ones regarding head-space. What is head-space? No no, that the area your head occupies, but your mind. Where is it at when you are in puppy mode? What is head-space exactly? Is head-space needed during play? How do I "get into it"?

These are all very good questions and ones worthy of knowing. First, what is it? Well, to get to that, let's recap over what puppy play is, by definition (keep in mind the definition isn't ALL what puppy play is, but the basis). Puppy play is a type of role play with an emphasis on the altered mind space and canine status. Hear that; altered mind space? These means that the mind morphs. It becomes, in this case, less human. Your mind starts to become more canine.  Have you ever had such a fantastic day that you feel like you are the king or queen of any and all, and can nothing can ruin your day, when you can tackle anything that comes your way? What about that time playing a Mario Cart and how eager and into it you are, that you feel you are right there, as you lift off the seat and gear towards the left, hoping and praying it will help your cart turn? How about alcohol? Being drunk and having a grand time is a substance induced altered state of mind. Adrenaline is a good example too (and in some cases the exact chemical responsible for altered states of mind during play). Those are types of head space. There are tons of states for everyone, especially in the world of BDSM. Ever heard of sub-space? Same thing, just a little different of a world. There are different states of mind, but since this is about puppy play, that is what we are focusing on. Head-space is the altered state of mind, when one leaves what they were behind and chooses to enter a new realm of thinking. In this case, that realm happens to be canine. It becomes deeply personal, like you are not role playing as a dog, but like you have become the dog.

Have you ever heard of sub-frenzy and sub-drop? No? Well visit the article Saba wrote called Sub-Drop and Puppy Play. In my experience I have found that human-canines are very, VERY susceptible to these phenomenons.I am sure all sorts of subs, slave and you name it can fall influence to sub-drop and sub-frenzy, but it almost seems inherent for puppies. Maybe is it due to the style and type of play and head-space? After all, bio-pups love to play and never can get enough.

Is head-space needed for puppy play? Well, I am sure it is absolutely NEEDED, but it certainly does help. A lot in fact. Have you ever tried to do something, but weren't in the mood, what ever it may have been? I believe these situations to be akin. You can play without head-space but it may be harder and no where near as fun.

How does one get into this altered state of mind? Triggers. One of the best ways is using triggers. For some it can be having a tail plug in. Most often it is a collar. Some puppies are a separate dog collar they use for play time and when it is place around their neck and they hear the click of the buckle... BOOM! Instant head-space. What your trigger is, you will just have to find out. One big fantasy for some puppy players, and one that is indeed reachable, is being conditioned. When they hear or see something they are trained to take on as a trigger, such as a word, or a dog whistle or something, anything, they dissolve their human side and become canine-like. Condition, maybe even broken down to the point when this signal what ever it may be, turns them. Some puppies it comes naturally too. It is easy for them to slip in and out (sometimes out is just as hard as going in, sometimes even harder) of the puppy head-space. Some have done it already for year without even knowing what puppy play is. Playing dog in the school yard at lunchtime in elementary school. I even knew an autistic kid or two who's way of coping and letting stress go was to get under the table and start barking and acting like a puppy. Getting in the right head-space is harder for some than others but, like everything, can become easier with practice. Some people really enjoy being forced into the mind-space. In fact, some people can't get into it unless they are forced to. When they do however, they are usually very deep in it.

It even can be possible that one wont remember something or anything at all when in deep head-space. Why is that? I believe it is because it wasn't the human mind that experienced it, it was the canine part that did, so maybe the canine mind-space can remember it, who knows. Am I saying that an altered mind is equivalent to another personality? Well, I suppose that could be the case, but a think it not what most us us think of when we hear that. I wouldn't think it harmful or distressing. Sure it might make you have some questions, but that what this group is here for! I definitely would not go as far as calling it split personalities, because it isn't really split. It is just altered. Thte definition of "altered" is "to make change, modify by will". To modify or change, something has to be there already. You are still you, just... different.

Are their different type a canine specific head-space? Of course. I am sure head-space varies from person to person in all aspects. There are two most common types of canine head-space. That of "dog" and that of "pup". Your "dog" head-space is usually achieved by old, bigger males. They have  the mentality and mannerisms of your bigger species of canine. Usually not as playful as puppies and tend to be a bit headstrong. Most of the time, are take on the alpha status. The most common head-space, that of the "puppy", tends to be very playful, loving and affectionate. They like to have someone to look up to, and very susceptible to sub-frenzy and drop.

Is partial head-space possible? Of course! A full, deep head-space is where your reality has be completely engulfed by canine status. You no longer think like a human, only like a dog, or at least what the human mind is capable of knowing what a dog thinks like. A partial head-space is where one can still perceive things as a human would. You can still... well, think. If you find yourself thinking "is that a ball? I should get the ball, dogs like balls", then your probably in partial head-space. This is the part that gets hard to explain. I am not saying dogs don't think, because they do. They just don't articulate or reason it like a human would. Reasoning? Did I really just mention that? Yes, I did. A dog's thoughts may not always be rational. Sometimes they may even be instinctual. Most often, a person stays in a partial head-space while in public. It is somewhat even recommended to do so. Why? Well, there are a few things one should be aware of in public. To play devil's advocate though, that is what handlers and training is for. Sometimes people just can't get into a full head-space unless certain conditions are right. That is fully acceptable and again, can be worked on with practice.

There you have mind-space. I hope the article has helped and encouraged you to think about your altered state of mind. If you have any questions, BRING 'EM! I am sure there is more out there.

The House Began To Pitch

Like that hurricane in Kansas that swept Dorthy away and separated her from home, I feel sundered. Why? The city has bought the land around, and including, the Calgary Eagle. The city is redefining the East Village, the part of town around and a bit north of the Saddle Dome. At first I was so ecstatic! One of the most down and dingy parts of the city where one dare not walk barefoot for fear of stepping on splinters of shattered glass smattered along the cold concrete and worse yet, begrimed and tainted syringes so empty yet still so full of addiction and animus. It was starting to become clean and even trendy. That is until a hotel bought the land beside the bar. Apparently no one wants a gay bar in the new soon-to-be trendy hot spot in town, let alone by a hotel where visitors (most likely from out of town, visiting for Stampede) will be staying. Has any thought gone into the feelings of others, did someone make decision with out thinking it through? Was it truly a callous judgement of some no-brain?

Even then however, it is not that which frustrates me the most. What does? The fact that a place I call home is closing. It hurts when you know the doors to a place where you feel safe and secure close shut on you. A brief feeling of panic, and intrusion. Even some anguish and anger. I feel like the lion hiding my own tail. This bar is not just a establishment of alcohol, it is a place that has established me. Part of me has grown up within those blue hued walls. As mentioned in a previous post, boot blacking at the Eagle is where I learned to finally make eye contact. I learned how to converse with people and venture out of my shell. That bar helped form who I am. So, naturally, I am devastated that my home is being demolished.

Will the bar re-open? I sure as fuck hope so. They are currently looking for a new place. It is just a matter of finding a good spot in the right location for the right price. There is fear that they won't re-open but I am trying to bury that stress away and label it as "unneeded". The new place will not be the same either. I mean, I am sure it will become to have the same feel and everything, but.. its not the exact place it was before, and to a person like me, that does count for something. Call it sentiment, call it heart.

A thought also came up: Is it the facility, or the people that made it home? I don't really know how to answer that to be honest. I think it may be a mix. Some people definitely helped, and others hindered. Either way, I am stressed about the situation, but I am doing my best to dismiss it until a finality comes to end. I am holding high hopes, that a new place will be found and that I can click my heels and have my wish of going back home.

Like Belly Rubs, For The Brain

That is really the only way I can describe it. It was very flattering when Beaupup pointed it out. As of today, July 18th, 2012, You can Google "Human puppy play", and when you search for images under that query, the first image to pop up is of me! I was sent a message on Fetlife telling me to search for "Human puppy play" and a massive grin grew on my face as I saw my image there. It is just a little... I can't think of any other words that flattering.


A new enhanced blog! I apologize for such a delay in posting. I, along with a hefty handful of help from my loving husbear, have been working on the blog. Entries has been split into two different sections. All pup and kink related stuff will now be posted under "The Puppy Pages" here. All mindless, day to day happenings and nonsense will be posted under "The Boy Chronicles". As much as kink has become part of my life, I feel that certain things should be kept separate. That way you can keep up-to-date on just my kinky campaigns OR my commonplace constitutionals. Or both I guess, what ever your harboring mind chooses to cherish. Enjoy the upgraded narratives!