Tuesday 29 May 2012

Approbation: A New Meaning To "Bootlicking"

Well, not quite bootlicking. I know it was meant in all sincerity and I appreciate it. In fact, Those honeyed words were actually gratifying and a great compliment.Wondering what was said? This last Saturday I went boot-blacking at the Eagle. This one fellow, whom I've met in passing before, said he wished to have his boots done that night. I smiled and told him I would get set up, and set up I did. After massaging the grease into his boots, he commented that it was like I was making love to his boots. I blushed what I am sure was a deep crimson color and smiled a big thank you smile. He then turned close to me and the next spoken words are what really caught me off guard. He mentioned that a local news paper, I believe it was FFWD, had a local peoples choice award, and if I would be offended if someone nominated me. I exclaimed "NO!" Why on earth would I be offended? I am beyond flattered. I am honored and humbled by the fact that someone thinks my skills, my attitude and my commitment are worth appreciating. See's my work as giving to the community, which is exactly as I have meant it; serving that which has served me.

If this does happen, if I am nominated... No. Not even. Right now, I thank you. I give the community, which has given so much to me, thanks. It is one thing to feel accomplished through self worth, but another to have it noticed by those you around you. Thank you.

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