Friday 18 May 2012

Boots: Empowerment, Enlightenment

I wrote a post on Fetlife about a year ago, and I wanted to cross post it here. The time and this post mean so much to me and I believe it is a valuable memory and experience and is important enough to cross post.

"Boots have been a sign of empowerment for a far while now. For most, a sign of the top dog. My night last Saturday, another point of view was imposed.

As some know, I have taking on boot-blacking at the Calgary Eagle Saturday nights. This past Saturday I didn't think was going to very busy, with that dance of sort going on. People where getting their boots done there by my dear friend Boy Rene, plus, everyone was there, not at the bar. However, I made a vow to be at the Eagle every Saturday, so I braved the blizzard and went anyway. It was a very slow night. I arrived around 8 o' clock and it was pretty much dead except for David, who kindly asked me to give him a quick cleaning. It wasn't until about midnight at least that the night became interesting.

At that time, I assume the dance had finished because a flood of people came into the bar. A fellow I had talked to a few times wanted his boots done, so being oil tans, I conditioned them. They were a lighter tan color, with a hint of orange-red. He expressed that he wished they were a bit darker, so I informed him the boot grease I was using, Huberd's, would probably darken the boot a bit. He nodded and smiled and I massaged the grease into his boots. The turned a nice deep red/ tan color. He was enthusiastic. I told him they would lighten up a bit, he was caught up in the hype. People watching comment that I was being so thorough. I was using my hands which enthralled a few, I guess I took a few boot cherries that way, they never had someone use their hands on their boots before.

I actually had a line up! I don't think I have smiled so wide at the bar before. I was invigorated! I've always thought boot-blacking was fun, and it gave a comfortable atmosphere to break out of my autistic shell and actually communicate with people. However, this time, I think I got high off of the hype! Others being hyped up around me with the now shiny boots, the smiles, the excitement.It really brought out my confidence and my spirit. Who knew that having black laden hands and sitting at someones boots would empower me so much?! This, this is what it is about. Boots are power. Not just of the top dog, not just a sign of power exchange, but a the power of ones self. Self confidence. I cannot further explain how grand it made me feel. No wonder this has become such a part of our community. It is not just because the alphas want nice shiny footwear. No, something like that needed more too it. The Blackers. The servitude, and the satisfaction, the hype and the enthrallment. That is what makes boot-blacking a big part of the community."

With Wags, Berith
Man's Best Fiend

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