Sunday 3 June 2012

August Psalms

I was rummaging through pictures I had taken on my phone and I came across a couple that I want to keep but had nowhere to put them. Until now! As we all recognize, I am extremely enthusiastic about my music. I am a metal head to the core. So when I had a chance get my picture with some of those people I venerate, I do just so.  You can wager that there will be more picture like those that follow!

This would be Torbjørn "Thebon" Schei from Keep Of Kalessin and myself. We are standing just outside the entrance to the McEwan Ball Room. They came to town with Sepultura and Neuraxis. This was the second time I have seen Keep Of Kalessin and it was a friggin blast!

This.. This my friends was a blast and a half. This is Daniellica and myself (holding a Finnish flag on my arm. Yes, it happens to be signed by Korpiklaani) posing with Mr. Jonne Järvelä of Korpiklaani. I fucking love this band and this man. I have seen every show they have played in Alberta totaling at 5 at this time. This picture was taken somewhere within the confines of the Pawn Shop in Edmonton. I don;t normally enjoy shows in Edmonton but this was spectacular. The Line up consisted of Korpiklaani, Arkona, Forged In Flame and Polkadot Cadaver. It was the first time I had even heard of Polkadot Cadaver and they speedily became one of my favorite bands.

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