Thursday 8 November 2012

A Taboo Experience

Yup, it is that time of year again. The Taboo, Naughty But Nice Sex Show starts tonight. It one place where I don't feel super anxious and nervous with the amounts of people that are there because I guess I just feel... in my element.

Yours truly has been offered the chance to work at Taboo this year, in the dungeon. I will be bootblacking and I am quite excited. It has been a while since I have blacked due to the Eagle closing. I was hoping I would have my home made custom kit up and running by now, but alas I do not. I will be spending my morning today coming up with a good set of rags and system going because I will be blacking for a couple of hours and I want to make sure that:

                    A) I am comfy, 
                    B) The "blackee" is comfy,
                    C) I have enough rags to do a good job,
                    D) have good access to my supplies with out making a mess, and
                    E) Have a grand time

Since I just lost my job too (which sucks big time) I hope I make at least a little bit of money, but you know me... I hate pushing for tips for boot blacking. It just seems wrong to push.On the bright side, I guess it is cool how something that I get excited for every year and have fun at has happened to fall on the day after I am fired. I will do my best to take it as a pick-me-up. That being said, I am off to go work on things. See you all at Taboo this weekend!

Taboo, The Naughty but Nice Sex Show info can be found here.

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