Saturday 24 November 2012

Boots: Foundation of a Bond

Today, I gave a workshop with the above title. It went very well and I had lots of positive feed back from people who found it interesting and people who seemed very intrigued and eager to learn. It was a pleasure to teach, learn and make new friends.

From what is in a kit, to history and basic technique and even personal flare. Some people got down and dirty with me getting their hands covered in Huberd's and having a grand time. I learned a few things and came a little more out of my shell. It was wonderful. Thank you all for making the experience possible and making it a great one. I will save some information I shared for another post, but I will leave you with one quote I hold dear, that I heard from a friend.

"Boots tell a story, and it is our turn to get them ready for the next chapter."

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