Friday 2 November 2012

A Boot-iful Lesson

Well, finally something exciting to post about. And a shout out to awful puns.

Your truly has been offered to opportunity to present a workshop class on bootblacking. I thank Draxa for pointing those putting it on in my direction and Sir Lionheart for allowing this circumstance to befall.

I am very nervous as I have never done anything quite like this before, but at the same time I am very excited. I know this event is not... a 101 workshop. It is more than just a "how to". It is about the connection that is or that can form between those involved. The sensuality and sensuousness of said connection and the emotions that occur. The voluptuousness. Naturally, I am a bit apprehensive. Am I good enough? Well I suspect if I wasn't, no one would have suggested me, nor come to me to ask. I surmise I am more overwrought than fearful in this case.

I suppose I should stock up on my blacking supplies. Perhaps I should even work on that custom boot kit box I've been dreaming and rambling about. Yeah, I think I am just getting really excited now. Here I go, off to put together my lesson.

For those of you who have Fetlife, here is a link to the event posted on there: In Leather Spirit, Fall Workshop

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