Tuesday 24 July 2012

Interview With PupPup Part.2

Apparently my first interview was good enough that people were requesting more. So I had a follow up interview. Here it is!

Is puppy play sexual to you?

Puppy Play can be sexual. It started out that way but quickly became, I dare say it again, a life style. It is more of a way of life now, who I am, down to the core. This isn't to say it isn't sexual anymore. It is, or can be. It is just that sex isn't the driving force behind it anymore, though it certainly helps.

Have you mentored other pups?

I have, and am mentoring other pups. Any where from helping them out with questions, concerns and even “how to's”, to taking one or two under my own wing, err... paw. I am a sub myself, so it has been difficult sometimes, but when I help them grow and learn, I even grow and learn myself. It is a never ending circle of learning. As someone dear once told me, “the day you stop learning, is the day you die”.

What are you favorite toys to play with as a pup?

I assume by toys you mean doggy toys and such. I had this little red ball thing. I think I lost it at Smokey's house when he lived in Toronto. I miss it so much. Current favorites would have to be a stuffed stingray I got in San Francisco on my first trip to the International Leather Sir/boy contest and Dore Alley. There is a stuffed mallard duck with squeakies in him a dubbed Senor Quacks-a-lot. Smokey was kind enough to get him for me on a visit to him. That's all I can remember at this time but I am sure there is more. I like to chew.

What pup gear you own?

Oh boy... I own a custom Rubberdawg hood, leather fist mitts, a leather hood that was gifted to me (I believe it may be a Mr.S hood), the puppy restraints from Mr.S, a couple different pup hankies, a Squarepeg tail plug (with another on the way), too many collars and leashes to count, Mr.S tail harness and wrestling shoes. I add that in here because they have soft soles and hard soled shoes in a puppy mosh can hurt a lot. I have a bunch of other stuff that is on its way, but do not currently has in possession, so I will not count those.

How does it feel being owned?

It is a comforting feeling. Relaxed in a way. It is nice to have someone help you out with decision and things. Definitely awesome to have a place and someone I can comfortably pup out with.

How does it feel being a stray?

I fortunately don't really know what this is like. I lucked out with my owner. He is my high school sweetheart. We both knew we were kinky, he introduced me to a lot. I came to him with puppy play and gladly accepted it. There was one time were we almost went out separate ways, and that wasn't a fun time, but we worked through it. That is the closest I have got to being unowned.

How did you get your pup name?

I actually picked out my own name. My owner liked it and adopted it. I initially was looking for a stage name for a band project that fell through. I liked the name so much though, and put a lot of thought into it, so I wanted to keep it. I was raised with a religious background, and I won't go too much into that, but I wanted to name that was contrast to my real name which had a deeply religious meaning. I am fascinated by demonology, and while going through Solomon's 72 Demons one day I came across Berith. Ba'al Berith was seen as one who sat among the princes of hell. His names means either “covenant” or “to cut until blood appears”. It is kinda dark, but, I am a dark puppy. Happy, but dark. *wag*

 Of course a few things have changed since that interview, but I answered for the time. My gear collection, for example, has grown quite a bit. Actually, it still is. I also don't really see it stopping anytime soon.

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