Tuesday 24 July 2012

Interveiw With PupPup Part:1

A while back, I was interviewed by a pup. I came across the interview on his blog. Here it is:


Hello folks! My name is Berith and I am a human puppy. Puppy play is a huge part of my life and I love to share it and spread the joy and knowledge of it. The world of the homo-canidae (Unofficial Latin term meaning “man-dog”) is a really wonderful thing. I am hoping that my interview here, no matter how short it is, will help others out. Gruff!

-With Wags, Berith
Man's Best Fiend

What does puppy play mean to you?

To me, puppy play can mean a few different things, and not all at once. Over all, puppy play has grown to be more than just a fetish. It is comfort, an escape and dare I say it, a life style. Sure it adds some spice in the bedroom, but that is not what it is all about. A few feelings and aspects come about from being a puppy. Assurance, freedom, relaxation, stress relief, protection, self fulfilment and as I said before, comfort. It is a state of body and mind.

How did you get into puppy play?

Kind of a funny story... I was looking for porn on the internet. You know, like everyone does now and then. Nothing I was seeing was doing it for me. I swear I spent a good couple of hours just browsing and looking for something. I do believe puppy play has boomed in popularity even since I got into it because when I first started looking, I couldn't find anything, even though I know know it was there, somewhere. However I digress, after searching I finally ended up coming across a video of a guy in a leather puppy hood and a tail. I remember thinking to myself “Yeah, yeah that's it. That is me”. Ever since, ask anyone I know, I have been all about puppy play. It has become and is a huge part of my life.

How long you have been in the puppy community?

Approximately 5 years as of 2011. I have been dabbling in kink for about 6 or 7 years at this time. I have never looked back or regretted anything. Becoming part of the leather/ kink and pup communities has helped me in so many ways, and I do my best to give that in return.

Have you attended any fetish event? If not which would you want to attend?

Yes I have. Quite a few. Ranging from kink camps to bar nights, to events purely geared towards gay men to pan-sexual events. I have even have had the opportunity to organize my own events. Yes, you can guess one event or two was a puppy event. I have also had the pleasure of giving a helping paw at a few events as well. I have even taken place in competitions. I am the co-founder of the local human canine unit, “Calgary Kinky Kennel Club”, and it is doing very well. We have monthly munches and such. Attending and taking part in events I think is very important. There you can learn, grow and gain a sense of self importance. On top of that, you gain knowledge, while hopefully having fun. Knowledge is safety and I believe a lot of people can and do get into unsafe situations because they do not know.

How do you get into the pup headspace?

A lot of people say that having a collar put on them works the best. Not for me. I always wear my chain mail collar. The collar may add a something to the mind space, but since I wear it all the time, it has more so become a part of me, than an accessory. A few things can get me into the head space. There are two specific ones. One is wearing my hood. I don't have as good peripheral vision while wearing the hood, and this causes me to concentrate on more what is in front of me. While doing so, I see the snout of my hood and it reminds me of how I look in the hood and triggers the head space. The other way I can enter the head space is very, very simple. A scritch, casual and intentional, behind the ears or a good petting does it. Not all the time, but most often. Sometimes it just clicks. I don't know how or why, but sometimes I am my human self and the the minutes I am pup. Just like that. I also have a habit of switching in mid sleep. People eventually realized I have switched in sleep when I start chasing rabbits in my dreams. When I fall asleep in puppy mode, I always wake up in it too.

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