Thursday 2 August 2012

Low End, High Role

We we all know I am a sub. I like to be on the bottom of the totem pole, right? Well, Roscoe and I changed that the other day. Unbeknownst to the bearpup, I had more in stock than just dying his hair at his request.

Roscoe took some time off when Johnny arrived back in town. He expressed that he wanted to color his hair for the duration of time he had booked off (though it looking like if his work doesn't mind, it will be staying). So the moment we got back to his place, we set to work. We got things all ready and organized. First, we have to bleach his hair. Otherwise, the bright color may not show up, standard practice.

Bearpup with freshly bleached hair.

Next came the coloring. Roscoe LOVES light blue colors so we decided to go with a turquoise color. I used "Splat" which is a dye I have never used before and thus have little knowledge on how it behaves and such. I was told it last longer than the stuff I am used to so we decided to try it, as Culture Craze was out of the dye I usually use. It was VERY liquidy and ran onto the scalp with ease. I did not approve of this and for reason... it stained. I am unhappy with "splat" and probably will not use it again.

Roscoe with the blue dye in the hair.
After waiting for the dye to take hold, he washed it out and then it was time to cut his hair. I did not cut it before hand for a reason (it is hard be be sexual with dye, oops! I foreshadowed!) . Roscoe knew the plans up to this point, but this is where I turned. I grabbed a leather leash I had sneakingly stashed nearby and tied his wrists together with it behind his back before plopping him down on the toilet seat. I grabbed the buzzer and held him close to my chest/stomache and ran the razor along his head. He hasn't seen his hair yet, so the only clue as to the color it is, is from the clippings falling down between our bodies onto the ground. I could not only see Roscoe dripping pre, but I felt it too.

Roscoe with his blue hair. You can see the leather leash used to restrain him. It wasn't tight because it had a nickle clip on it so I wanted him to be able to get out in case it touched his skin.

All the hair clippings. I didn't sweep them up until after because I didn't want to ruin the scene.

After I was finished buzzing the bearpups hair into a nice mohawk, I blindfolded him and gave him a well deserved blow job and milked him the best a could. I think he enjoyed it. He at least says so. It was a fun time and I did enjoy my little bought being in charge.

Bearpup in the midst of the action. This was the only in action shot I could get, as it is hard when your doing everything. Haha.

For those of you who wish to know what Roscoes hair looks like at the end, well here you go! We eventually redyed his hair using Punky Colors, because I wasn't happy with the dye job Splat did.

Roscoe and his fancy dancy new blue mohawk! See that smile? Oh boy does he ever enjoy it!

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