Wednesday 30 January 2013

The Distance Is Great

I sent off a message to an online friend a little while ago, just to catch up with him as I enjoyed talking to him. I told him exactly that, I enjoy the little chats we have now and then. What he wrote back was more than I thought I would get.

"The distance is great and I take what conversation I can. You may not realize this (and I have most likely never said) but I do take inspiration from you. Yes....I'm not gay but I still apply the "pup" principals. You and [another fellow pup] have helped me a lot by just your words.
Anywho.....Do have a great day

I was expecting fun yet idle chat and here I get one of the greatest compliments I have ever gotten. Thank you dear friend. We may have not met in the real world, but your graciousness has reached me as much as it seems I have you.

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