Wednesday 23 January 2013

Happy I Have A Handler!

Well, It literally dawned on my about 3 seconds before writing this post that I forgot to blog about something VERY important. After a rough morning, but a great day with my family, My boyfriend and his Sir, we came back home to our own stockings. Roscoe and I opened them. A squeaky toy and a neat bone shaped mat for dog bowls. Then, I see an extra present as it is handed to me by Johnny. I take off the firdt piece of tissue paper, then stick my hand in and grab a bunch. A lock suddenly falls into my lap, I look at the bunch of tissue paper in my hand, and see a gleaming silver chain hanging from it. I look at it, look at Johnny who has a nervous but gleaming smile, and look back at the collar only to have my own nervous but gleaming smile. I was just given a collar for Christmas! It was by far one of the best Christmas' I have had yet. I gladly accepted and knelt down for Johnny to lock the collar on. I was perpetually wagging the entire night.

The collar I was given was a temporary one I was told, until we can find a better one. I remember him that My best friend who is starting up a chain mail business made me a collar I like very much, so i showed it to him. He liked it and we put that one on.

The red and black chain mail collar made for me by me best friend, held around my neck by Sir Johnny's lock.

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