Wednesday 8 August 2012

Piercing Pleasure

Warning: Totally contains nudity.

As many of my close friends know, I love piercings. I adore, admire and amour them. There is just something incredible and captivating about them. It isn't just that they turn me on, but they just seem to peak my interest in the perfect manner.

I digress (as I usually do). As a belated birthday present, Roscoe took us to Tribal Expression to get Prince Alberts together. I have always wanted a PA so naturally I am oh so very enthused. While we wait for the piercer to set up, Roscoe, Johnny and I  are sitting patiently... oh ok, Johnny and I were sitting patiently while Roscoe was fretting. He was super nervous I told him that everything is ok, it is just the usually nervousness before getting a new piercing. He agreed. After a little while, I go in to get the deed done. I drop trow and lay on the with my legs hanging lazily over the edge. I take note of the temperature in the place, as it is warmer than other piercing shops I have been in, which is nice as I am not shivering like a pupsicle. Every other time I am asked "You are shaking quite bad, are you nervous?" and my reply is always "N-no! I am just fucking c-cold!". So the piercer measures the stuff up and gets in position. The receiving tube, the most uncomfortable part, goes down my urethra, and she gets the needle close after explaining "No surprises, you'll know when its happening when I tell you to take a deep breath." She gets grabs my cock which startles me a bit, just enough to make me flinch which then brings the very tip of the needle to lightly prick the skin. This may have been the worst part, it didn't hurt, it was shock, just startling. Right away, the metal is shoved though my cock and into the receiving tube. A lot of guys cringe when they hear or think about this, but to be really honest, it didn't hurt. The worst part of the little bit of shock from the needle grazing me at first.

As the piercer gets up to get the jewelry I stop her to ask "This may be an odd request, but can I snag a picture of the needle in there?" She looks a bit stunned before a smile grin appears and retorts with "Uh, yeah... of course! Go ahead!" I look to Roscoe who then snaps a picture using his iPhone.

The needle sticking out. I think it is a bit shocked due to what happened.

After the picture was grabbed, the piercer goes to put the jewelry in and I don't even feel a thing. Not like when people feel something slight and say the didn't feel a thing... I actually didn't feel a thing. It was easy. the easiest piercing I have got to date.

Time for a related side story? I think so! As I have said, I have always wanted a PA, ever since I knew about them. Back in high school I was bored a home one night and insanely horny, so I decide to give myself one. Yes you read that right. I gave myself a PA. I apparently did it "the way professionals with at least 20 years of experience do it". I took the needle and carefully slide it through the opening slit of my urethra until the proper point without managing to snag the tip on anything, and shoved the needle through the flesh, inside to outside. I took it out after a day, I don't know why. It wasn't getting infected or anything. I really wish I hadn't done so though. Alas, I got it done again so no point in regretting past decisions!

By Thor's hammer, I fucking love this thing. I am SO happy with it!

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