Thursday 17 October 2013


A friend sent me this video. It is pretty fucking fantastic if you ask me. Check it out:

Friday 30 August 2013

2wo Hot!

Cheesy titles are the best.

Well, I was randomly cruising Youtube like I do sometimes, and was on a Rob Halford kick. I love that man. I came across a video for a song called "I Am A Pig" by his project  2wo. It is more industrial (thanks to Trent Reznor's influence, in fact, the project was signed to his lable), and the video is pretty damn awesome. Check it out!

The part with the boots is the best. -grin-

Sunday 12 May 2013

Passing Idle Time

Well, it has again been a while since I posted. I have been taking a short hiatus and concentrating on work since I got a promotion. 

I forgot how nice it was just to sit down with friends for a drink or meal and just relax, not have to worry about anything or run an event/munch. Sir Wolf gave me a ring today and said Buster, his dog, was in town and they wanted to hang out. Although Sir Johnny was working and I had a bunch of running around to do, Roscoe and I met up with them. It was a short lunch but very nice.

It made me think about how I miss being the participant in events and munches. All the past ones (most anyway) I have hosted. Granted having events and munches even if I am the one to organize them is better than none at all. I just think the luncheon, the thought, it helped put some things into perspective again. It's not about putting in the event, it's about there being an event, about there being friends.

Wednesday 30 January 2013

The Distance Is Great

I sent off a message to an online friend a little while ago, just to catch up with him as I enjoyed talking to him. I told him exactly that, I enjoy the little chats we have now and then. What he wrote back was more than I thought I would get.

"The distance is great and I take what conversation I can. You may not realize this (and I have most likely never said) but I do take inspiration from you. Yes....I'm not gay but I still apply the "pup" principals. You and [another fellow pup] have helped me a lot by just your words.
Anywho.....Do have a great day

I was expecting fun yet idle chat and here I get one of the greatest compliments I have ever gotten. Thank you dear friend. We may have not met in the real world, but your graciousness has reached me as much as it seems I have you.

Tuesday 29 January 2013

More Metal In My Juuuuunk!

Not a fancy title name, I know. But it is true. I am fairly happy about it. I had my Prince Albert gauged up to 10 and got a lorum piercing. I have always wanted one and now I am glad I did.

To be honest, I went and ha it done as a pick-me-up. I was really depressed and decided to get my PA stretched. The combination of getting a "new" piercing and and endorphin rush I knew would pull me out of the rut I was in so I could try to move forward. While talking to the piercer, who happens to be a friend, she states that she thinks she has decides she wants to become a genital piercing specialist. However, lots of the piercings are pretty intense and she needs practise but not many people get a lot of the piercings. She said she needed a masochist or something. I instantly put up up hand and we both laughed.

It was exactly what I needed and though I still feel stressed, I am no longer depressed, and I have more awesome junk in my... Well... Junk.

Sunday 27 January 2013

Boy Rene's Musings

A dear friend of mine, Boy Rene, has a blog of his own and he posted a little, I will say rant, that I think has some truth to it. With his permission, I have cross posted it here. You can find his blog at lthrboyblog.

"Collars: Your Mileage May Vary
I recently came accross an interesting blog entry. The blog post was about collars and their use.

One of the first points that the blogger says is that a collar should NEVER be used as a temporary device. From the blog:  IT is NOT given after an hour trick or a weekend tryst.

The blogger then also goes into explaining about the idea of haveing three tiers of collars: Collar of Consideration,  Collar of Training, and Permanent Collar. I'm not going to go into detail about this tripple-collar format, because personally, I don't get it. It's not for me. If I'm going to be collared by someone, then it generally means the same thing: For the duration that the collar is around my neck, it symbolizes protection (by the top), service (by the bottom), loyalty (from both), and a few other things. I just feel that going on into giving formal names for the 15 levels of collar you may have for your boys feels like an overly complicated and romanticized version of what I honestly feel doesn't need to be complicated, or made more then what I feel it really is: something symbolizing your relationship and attachment to the person who collared you.

But after reading the article, the tripple-collar thing isn't what really bugs me about this blog entry. What bothers be is this statement: IT is NOT given after an hour trick or a weekend tryst.

 It's often said in a number of Leather circles and discussions that your Leather sexuality, like any sexuality, is a personal thing. Someone telling me that I'm not a real boy or I'm not a real Leatherman because I don't meet some checklist of protocols and standards that work in their world, is similar to telling me that I can't be gay because I don't wear the latest brands, do drag, go shopping every weekend, have a lisp, or any of the other stereotypes out there. I don't need to meet your requirements of what makes a boy or a Leatherman. All that matter is me being held accountable to myself, and to my Sir. Anything outside of that is irrelevant.

So with so many people vehemently agreeing that Leather sexuality is a very personal thing, and that painting everyone in the "community" with the same broad paintbrush is a waste of time... shouldn't the same be applied to collars and their use? I was reading a number of replies that were in total agreement with this post, and I've spoken to many others who I'm sure share the same view. But I also know many others (who, for the reccord, would deffinitaly be considered Old Guard for those of you reading this who actually gives two shits about the use of that term), who would laugh in the face of the writter of that blog. Many people growing up in Leather had collars used on them, or placed collars on other boys, almost entirely for the purpose of a temporary scene. When they took on a full-time or regular boy, there was no need to have a beefy chunk of metal around their neck reminding them of that fact. It just was. Many times the Sir might give the boy some token to carry on them or wear, but a chain or leather collar with a lock wasn't really the norm.

To my understanding, the more "formalized" use of collars wasn't really a commonplace thing until quite recently. I've also heard arguments that this adaptation of the use of collars originated more from heterosexual kink and Leather, as opposed to the gay Leather culture. Personally, I don't know, I wasn't around then. But I do see it as realistic that collars were less of a ritualistic, formal attire, and more of a play-based piece of gear.

To be fair, I haven't mentioned what my own personal take on collar use for myself, and I won't. That's not why I'm writting this blog post. What I'd like to impart you with, is just to be careful when talking about sexuality, even Leather sexuality, in broad terms. What works for you may not, and almost certainly WILL not, work for everyone around you. Learn the power of owning your statements and opinions. Instead of saying "Leather is (blah blah blah...)", try saying "In my opinion, Leather is..." or "For me...".

Becoming legalistic with your sexuality, especially when it's a sexuality that I'm pretty sure originated from sexual outlaws, is a dangerous thing, and personally, I find it laughable.

Leather is different for everyone. Many people acknowledge that... but could we please start acting like it?"

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Happy I Have A Handler!

Well, It literally dawned on my about 3 seconds before writing this post that I forgot to blog about something VERY important. After a rough morning, but a great day with my family, My boyfriend and his Sir, we came back home to our own stockings. Roscoe and I opened them. A squeaky toy and a neat bone shaped mat for dog bowls. Then, I see an extra present as it is handed to me by Johnny. I take off the firdt piece of tissue paper, then stick my hand in and grab a bunch. A lock suddenly falls into my lap, I look at the bunch of tissue paper in my hand, and see a gleaming silver chain hanging from it. I look at it, look at Johnny who has a nervous but gleaming smile, and look back at the collar only to have my own nervous but gleaming smile. I was just given a collar for Christmas! It was by far one of the best Christmas' I have had yet. I gladly accepted and knelt down for Johnny to lock the collar on. I was perpetually wagging the entire night.

The collar I was given was a temporary one I was told, until we can find a better one. I remember him that My best friend who is starting up a chain mail business made me a collar I like very much, so i showed it to him. He liked it and we put that one on.

The red and black chain mail collar made for me by me best friend, held around my neck by Sir Johnny's lock.