As I mentioned I have many kinks and/or fetishes, what ever you want to call them. Some mean more to me than others and some are just for fun. While most of them may be sexual, it isn't always that. Here is a list of them. The list if divided into 5 categories by size of font. The largest being very, very big parts of me and massive interests. The smallest fonts are things I don't mind but I will not go out of my way for. My focus can change from time to time and thus this list will may be changed with the wind.

Into: 30's era mobsters (everything to do with it), 50's era styles (everything to do with it), a leather family like the addams family, after care (everything to do with it), age play (everything to do with it), anal sex, armpits, artistic rope bondage (everything to do with it), ass play, Australian accents (watching others wear), BDSM, bears (everything to do with it), being a brat, being called a good boy (everything to do with it), being called puppy-toy, being told I have a small penis, belly rubs (receiving), biting, blindfolds, body hair, body modification, bondage (everything to do with it), boot blacking (giving), boots (everything to do with it), branding, breath play, butt plugs, caging/confinement, candle wax, chastity devices, cigars, cock and ball torture, collar and lead/leash (everything to do with it), corpse paint, covert bondage, cuddles (everything to do with it), cum, daddy son role play, degradation, diapers, dip/chewing tobacco, dirty jockstraps, discipline, doggy style (receiving), edge play, edging, enemas, erotic horror (everything to do with it), erotic photography, exhibitionism, facial hair (everything to do with it), feral sex, fire hydrants (everything to do with it), fire play (everything to do with it), flogging, forced puppy play, gagging (everything to do with it), gas masks, Halloween (everything to do with it), horrorphilia, humiliation, ice, impact play, industrial/abandoned/war-torn environments, insane asylums, interrogation (receiving), jock strap gags, kinbaku/shibari/rope bondage, knife play, latex (everything to do with it), leather (wearing), long underwear (wearing), loyalty, man smell (everything to do with it), masochism, master/slave, milking (everything to do with it), mohawks (everything to do with it), mud wrestling (everything to do with it), mummification, muscle bears, neoprene (everything to do with it), neutering, nooses, objectification (everything to do with it), outdoors (everything to do with it), pain, piercings (everything to do with it), play piercing (everything to do with it), playing a various selection of heavy metal music during a scene, pogophilia (everything to do with it), pressure points (everything to do with it), public urination (everything to do with it), punks (everything to do with it), puppy play (everything to do with it), rimming (everything to do with it), rope suspension, rough sex, rubber (everything to do with it), Russian accents (watching others wear), sadism, scent (everything to do with it), scratching, sex in public, sex with socks on (wearing), shock collars (wearing), short hair (watching others wear), spanking, spitting, steam punk (everything to do with it), straitjackets (wearing), sweat (everything to do with it), talking dirty, tattoos (everything to do with it), urethral sounds (receiving), voyeurism, water sports, werewolves, worship (giving), wrestling, zombies.

Curious about: 24/7, abduction, anal hooks, ball stretching, being auctioned, being buried alive, being radio-chipped and registered as a dog, blood-play, boxing, bukakke, canes, catheter play, consensual non-consent, double penetration, e-stim, electrical play, encasement, fire cupping, fire flogging, fisting, football gear, forniphilia, grappling, gun play, hook suspension, hypnosis, nantaimori, Nazis, penectomy, plaster casting, plushification, sensory deprivation, sleep-sacks, speculums, sub-incision, tactical gear, unspeakably terrible things, vac beds, whips, zentai suits.

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