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Hello there! I see you have stumbled upon my glorious blog. My name is Berith, some know me simply as "pup". I decided to start this blog to post my various thoughts, unfettered opinions, rants and raves, exciting exploits, grand adventures, keen observations and wondrous writings. Everything from the magically profound to the ho-hum mundane.

I happen to be autistic. Well, to be more exact, I have Aspergers Syndrome. I won't go into too much detail, but now you know. It has made life... Interesting to the least and somewhat difficult in ways. Needless to say, it is one reason I am the way... No... who I am today.

I do enjoy writing whimsical words of wholesome wisdom. Some- times wistful and sometimes woeful, sometimes wry and sometimes wroth. I gain a gilded pleasure from composing such wording. I think I will have a noble if not smashing time doing so. The goal is to paint a picture, capture emotion and goddammit Jim, have fun doing it!

Now for a few things about me. I am a reptile (among others) enthusiast and an avid kinkster. I have an affinity for art and an admiration for cooking. I have a passionate provocation for every facet for all things dark and creepy. I was born mormon but currently describe myself as a " nihilistic odinist". Yes, it is somewhat of an oxymoron and I know this. I strive to be an odinist, however, as a man of science I find it fairly difficult to believe any sort of higher... "Light". That being said, I do still try to practice the morals and values of odinism. I take what I can in life, but always give back when I can.

I am not afraid to admit my affair with my animals and all of my associates know it. I love creatures and well, to be honest I am a total hippy and environmentalist. My pets are my babies and come first. I presently have a red tegu, a Childrens Python, two box turtles (I believe eastern), two bearded dragons, a 135 gallon fresh water fish tank with an Amazonian biotope, a sugar glider, two sand fish and five tarantulas. Arachnids have a soft spot in my heart. I find them utterly fascinating. The tarantulas I have currently are: a Mexican red knee, a Chilean rose hair, a Mexican painted leg, a Mexican red rump and a blue bottle-green.

Now, as for the kinkster side of me. The main reason kink has become such a big part of my life is due to the autism. The leather and kink communities I am involved and offer a helping hand in have given so much to me. I am a local bootblack. I polish boots and help people take care of their leather. It wasn't until I started doing this that I could make eye contact. Blacking boots gave me something to concentrate and focus on whilst engaging in conversation and contact with people. I never made eye contact before this and now... I am proud that I can.

Puppy play (obviously) is a huge part of me. It will definitely be a recurring subject through out this blog... If you couldn't tell by its title. I identify with a Tamaskan. I have been an ardent pup so years now. Insatiable even. I learned a plethora out in Toronto and quickly grew tired of not having a puppy scene here in Calgary so I made my own. Along with my loving boyfriend Roscoe, good friend and Western Canada Leather Sir 2012 Marc Laflamme, created the Calgary Kinky Kennel Club. I also offer a helping paw to International Puppy as their Western Canada Liaison. I am very eager to help out where I can, even in the straight and pan sexual communities. I have, and hope to more, performed for Crimson Events as well as happenings. I can be seen a fair bit floating around Fetlife.com, as I also help moderate the Puppy Play group on there. As for other kinks, well yes there are many. You may notice submenus under the "About The Mutt" page. Please see them for a list of my kinks and music related lists.

With that, I hope you enjoy this blog and what it and I have to bring to this little itty bitty planet in the Milky Way.

With wags,
Berith Man's Best Fiend

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